Restricted Data

Depositing Sensitive Data

Per the Data Deposit Policy, the Emory Dataverse does not accept deposits of any data considered to be Internal, Confidential, or Restricted according to the Data Classification Definitions in Emory's Disk Encryption Policy.

Any submitted dataset that contains sensitive data will not be published. An Emory Dataverse administrator will contact the dataset author to discuss suitable options for depositing sensitive data.

Restricting Access to Data

If you have data that need an embargo period or limited access to facilitate an external review, please contact us to discuss your options, including

  • restricting access to either individual files or all files within your dataset
  • providing a private URL for limited access to your dataset prior to publishing
  • requiring users to request your permission before they can download data files
  • setting an embargo period to restrict access to your dataset until a future date

Finding and Accessing Restricted Data

Datasets that have restricted access to files will bear a red lock icon beside the file name.

If the author of a dataset has permitted users to request access, then you may use Dataverse's Contact Email function to send a message to the author. Please note that you must be logged into the Emory Dataverse to use this feature. The dataset author will make the final determination whether or not to grant access to their data files.