Depositing and Publishing Data

Adding a New Dataset

Once you have created your Dataverse account and reviewed the Deposit Policy, you may add your data to the Emory Dataverse.

  1. Before adding your data, please check that you are within the Emory Dataverse.
  2. Click on the Add Data button on the right-hand side above the list of datasets, and select New Dataset. If you only see an option to add a New Dataverse, you are at the top level of the UNC Dataverse, and must navigate to the hosted Emory Dataverse at to create your dataset.
  3. Enter information about your dataset in the required fields with an asterisk: Title, Author Name, Contact Email, Description, and Subject. The Distributor, Depositor, and Deposit Date are also required, but the Emory Dataverse will automatically fill out these fields. All other fields are optional; the Metadata section below covers other types of information you may wish to provide.
  4. When you click Save Dataset, Dataverse will generate a full citation to your dataset, including the DOI.

Your dataset is now ready for you to upload files.

Uploading Files

  1. To add files to your dataset, go to the dataset you want to update and select the Files tab. Click the Upload Files button to upload your data.
  2. Click Select Files to Add and browse to select your relevant files, or drag and drop files directly from your computer into the browser window. If you are uploading compressed files in zip format, the files will be unpacked automatically.
  3. As you upload files, they will appear in a list. From this list you can edit each file name, add a brief description, or apply a category (documentation, data, image, or code) using the Edit Tags button displayed next to each file.
  4. Once you have finished uploading your files, click Save Changes to finish. You can return to this screen at any time and edit the files before submitting your dataset to be published.

Restricted Files: if you need to restrict access to any of your data files, please see the Restricted Data page for more information and contact us to discuss available options in Dataverse.

If you have questions about supported file formats, please refer to the Dataverse User Guide as you prepare your files for upload. Documentation for the current version of Dataverse software in use can always be found via the User Guide link in the top header.

Metadata: Describing Your Data

The more information you provide about your data, the better. It helps others understand the nature, context, and purpose of your research.

Required information fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and must be completed for each dataset:

  1. Title
  2. Author Name
  3. Contact Email
  4. Description
  5. Subject

The Distributor, Depositor, and Deposit Date are also required, but the Emory Dataverse will automatically fill out these fields.

Although it is not required, we highly recommend completing optional fields as they relate to your dataset:

  • Related Publications are especially helpful to include. Enter the full citations for any published work (e.g., journal article, book chapter, thesis or dissertation) that uses the data.
  • Grant Information: enter the funding agency name and award number (if applicable) for any sponsors that supported your data collection.

Help boxes will appear as you hover your cursor over metadata field names, and provide more detail about the kind of information that a field requires.

When you have finished entering your metadata, click Save Changes at the top or bottom of the screen. You can log back in to edit your dataset's metadata at any time.

Publishing a Dataset: Submit for Review

When you have finished uploading your files and completed all relevant metadata fields, you can submit your dataset for review by an Emory Dataverse administrator.

  1. Go to your dataset and click on the Submit for Review button in the upper-right. This will notify the Emory Dataverse administrators, who will review your dataset for completeness.
  2. You will receive an automated email message from Dataverse notifying you that your dataset is under review.
  3. You will then receive either a confirmation message once your dataset has been published, or a follow-up message from an Emory Dataverse administrator if there is any incomplete information to edit before publishing the dataset.

If your question is not addressed in this How To guide, please contact us for help.